Thursday, February 25, 2010


Adrian Monk: How you doing, "Toy Store"?
Disher: What did you call me?
Adrian Monk: "Toy Store." Your name's Disher. Dish, plate, Plato, Play-Doh. Where do you buy Play-Doh?
Disher: (sigh) Toy store...
--"Monk" (USA)

Adrian Monk: I haven't needed a babysitter since I was nineteen.
Sharona Fleming: You needed a babysitter when you were nineteen?
Adrian Monk: Everyone did. It was the late Seventies. It was a crazy time.
--"Monk" (USA)

Adrian: I've been a homicide investigator for more than 20 years I have seen more crime scenes than I can possibly count. Well, 410, but that's not the point...
--"Monk" (USA)

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