Thursday, February 25, 2010

TV Guy Quotes Page
(727 Total Quotes)

(updated March 23, 2013)

The quotes are accessible two ways...

1) Just click on the show or category and whatever quotes I have so far for that selection will be displayed in your browser.
2) After that, all quotes are listed on this page in alphabetical order by show.... with motion pictures and miscellaneous at the end...

The quotes are left in "signature file" form if you'd like to use them for email...

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Quotes By Show

>>American Idol
>>Arrested Development
>>The Big Bang Theory
>>Buffy the Vampire Slayer
>>Caroline in the City
>>Curb Your Enthusiasm
>>Daily Show with Jon Stewart
>>Deal or No Deal
>>Desperate Housewives
>>Doctor Who
>>The Drew Carey Show
>>Flight of the Conchords
>>From the Earth to the Moon
>>Gilmore Girls
>>Golden Girls
>>Good Eats
>>Grey's Anatomy
>>How I Met Your Mother
>>Incredible Hulk
>>Jimmy Kimmel Live
>>Just Shoot Me
>>The Larry Sanders Show
>>Late Night with Conan O'Brian
>>Late Show with David Letterman
>>Malcolm in the Middle
>>Monty Python's Flying Circus
>>My So-Called Life
>>Mystery Science Theatre 3000
>>Northern Exposure
>>The Office
>>One Tree Hill
>>Police Squad
>>Pushing Daisies
>>Real Time with Bill Maher
>>Saturday Night Live
>>The Shield
>>Six Million Dollar Man
>>The Sopranos
>>South Park
>>Sports Night
>>Star Trek
>>Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
>>Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
>>3rd Rock From the Sun
>>30 Rock
>>Twin Peaks
>>Ugly Betty
>>Veronica Mars
>>Walker, Texas Ranger
>>West Wing
>>Will & Grace

>>Motion Pictures

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